Asheville Hiking Guide: The Trail Starts Here

Couple Hiking

Choose Your Own Adventure

Thousands of miles of trails twist, meander, dip and climb through the peaks and valleys around Asheville. In this world-class hiking destination, you can take your pick from peaceful hikes along mountain streams and technical scrambles up steep terrain; hikes that are short and sweet and multi-day adventures. Some hikes give you a view into the region’s past, and some just give you views of ridge after ridge of Appalachian mountain beauty.

You could spend a lifetime trekking the wild and well trodden trails of Western North Carolina (many people have!). But if you’ve got a shorter window of time, here are hikes to start with, with selections tailored to your taste in trails.

Chasing Waterfalls Hikes

From towering cascades to tumbling rapids, there are too many waterfalls to count in the Asheville area. Want to hit the highlights? Start here.

It’s All About the View Hikes

You’ve seen the postcard pictures: now see the real-life unforgettable views from these mountain high points.

WNC Classic Hikes

Ask locals to recommend their favorite hike, and chances are they’ll answer with one of these hikes. These Western North Carolina classics are a mix of easy and more challenging, with payoffs such as amazing views, a look back in time and wildlife sightings.

Bring-the-Kids Hikes

Bring a picnic or a kite (or maybe even your bathing suit if the season’s right). These hikes are easy enough (and short enough) for young kids to enjoy.

Epic Hikes

Up for a challenge? You’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for day-long hikes or even an overnight, try one of these superlative hikes that are a little wilder, steeper and longer than the others.

There-and-Back-in-No-Time Hikes

Even if your time in Asheville is limited, you can still get out and enjoy one of these close-in trails, all of which can be reached in under 20 minutes from downtown.

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