Dan Rattigan and Jael Skeffington

Guided by their mission to source with integrity and craft with intention, French Broad Chocolate builds direct relationships with sustainable farmers and producers and transforms fine cacao beans into craft chocolate in their tour-able Chocolate Factory in Asheville, NC. Bean-to-bar to bonbon and beyond means they create not only their artisan chocolate bars, but also a compendium of confections and treats featuring their chocolate paired with local, fresh and organic ingredients. Enjoy their creations at French Broad Chocolate Lounge, their destination dessert restaurant and at the Chocolate Factory Café, or have the Asheville experience sent directly to you from frenchbroadchocolate.com. French Broad Chocolate is a Certified B Corp, a certification demonstrating their commitment to being people who use business as a force for good.

Jael and Dan's passion for chocolate was born in 2003, when they drove a veggie oil-powered school bus to the cacao-rich tropics of Costa Rica and opened a restaurant called Bread & Chocolate. While living there for two years, they visited cacao farms, got to know cacao farmers, and learned about theobroma cacao, the plant from which chocolate is made. Inspired to continue their path in chocolate, they moved to Asheville and founded French Broad Chocolate in 2006


Dan Rattigan and Jael Skeffington | French Broad Chocolate Lounge
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Dan Rattigan and Jael Skeffington | French Broad Chocolate Lounge

Choclate Truffles being coated in chocolateFrench Broad Downtown