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Scenic vistas, stunning waterfalls, and fresh mountain air are perfect ingredients to an outdoor adventure, miles away from ordinary.

Explorers of the Blue Ridge Parkway

Explorers of the Blue Ridge Parkway

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  • Hiking Near Asheville
    by Katie Knorovsky

    The beauty of Asheville’s mountain scenery is timeless, except for this year when it turns 100 years old. 2016 marks a century since the creation of the National Park Service, NC State Parks and Pisgah National Forest. Cradled in the Blue … read more

  • GSMNP Sunset
    by K.C. Cronin

    To walk in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is to follow in the footsteps of the Cherokee Indians; living on this land for more than 14,000 years. Because of the great efforts of many , today the 520,000-acre Great Smoky Mountain National Park … read more

  • Sunrise over the mountains illuminates a field of wildflowers near Asheville.
    by Asheville Insider

    The landscape of the southern Appalachians, the oldest mountains in the world, is rich in biodiversity, offering you an opportunity to discover flora not found anywhere else in the world. In Asheville, seasonal favorites like trillium, tulips, … read more

  • WNC Cheese Trail
    by Asheville Insider

    What could be better than standing in the late spring or summer sunshine, the wind brushing your face as you hold the ripest, juiciest strawberry you’ve ever seen in your hands? Maybe picking it, and trying not to let the juice run down your … read more

  • Amy Ager | Hickory Nut Gap Farm
    by Asheville Insider

    Family farms abound in and around Asheville—and Fairview's bucolic Hickory Nut Gap is as family as they come. Both Hickory Nut Gap and the adjacent Flying Cloud Farms sit on land settled in 1916 by Jim and Elizabeth McClure. Five … read more

  • Alan Muskat - No Taste Like Home
    by Jodi Helmer

    Ask local chefs and mixologists about the inspiration for their signature dishes and drinks, and they will tell stories about searching for patches of chickweed, chanterelles, sassafras, violets and dandelions in the forests and parks. The bounty of … read more