Mike McCarty

For over 15 years, Mike McCarty has masterfully captained The Lobster Trap as Executive chef. He joined the crew in the earliest days and took over as Chef not long after and most recently as owner. From then to now, chef Mike and The Lobster Tap have seen a lot of challenges and changes.

From the start, Chef McCarty, along with founder and co-owner Amy Beard, had a clear vision of what The Lobster Trap should be; a meeting place for the flavors of Coastal Maine, combined with Appalachia’s abundance of fresh ingredients. As part of his mission, Mike made sustainability the focus of every dish on his menu.

Making this dream a reality is a truly incredible feat of logistical problem-solving. When the doors of the restaurant close for the night, Chef Mike and his team are already working on the menu for the next day.

Late-night phone calls to purveyors help him fill the menu with fresh products daily. Whether it’s lobsters from Maine, oysters from Massachusetts, or rainbow trout from Western North Carolina- when a dish hits our menu you can bet it’s of the highest quality, and lowest impact possible.

For years, McCarty has worked closely with organizations promoting better food quality and sustainability efforts. His partnership with groups like Monterey Bay Aquarium's Smart Watch program enabled him to source fresh, credible, sustainable seafood. In recent years, The Lobster Trap has been named a Leader in sustainability by the James Beard Foundation’s Smart Catch program.

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