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A community of culinary collaborators who share their creativity, passion and local flavors to craft an experience that will nourish your soul.

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Foodtopia is what we call our food scene in Asheville, N.C., home to a community of culinary collaborators crafting an experience to nurture your soul. We believe every meal is a celebration. A revelation. And a transcendent experience. And we're on a pursuit to bring the most unique and memorable food and drink experiences to you. These are our stories.

  • Sunny Point Breakfast
    by Asheville Insider

    In June 2017 we conducted a new poll and the results are in! We asked our fans to choose their favorite spot in Asheville for breakfast. There were 56 restaurants named in the poll , and out of those, these eight garnered the highest vote. Here they … read more

  • Couple at Sunset Terrace at the Omni Grove Park Inn
    by Asheville Insider

    If you need ideas for your next date night in Asheville, here's a list of some of the top restaurants in town for romance. This list is according to a poll conducted by fans of  Asheville's Facebook page . Zambra  - … read more

  • Hive of bees
    by Jen Nathan Orris

    Asheville is bee heaven. They buzz through local gardens , orchards and honey festivals and are celebrated throughout town. From restaurants to shopping excursions, bees keep Asheville’s honey culture humming. Honey in the Mountains Golden … read more

  • Alan Muskat - No Taste Like Home
    by Jodi Helmer

    Ask local chefs and mixologists about the inspiration for their signature dishes and drinks, and they will tell stories about searching for patches of chickweed, chanterelles, sassafras, violets and dandelions in the forests and parks. The bounty of … read more

  • Go Out to Eat: Asheville's Hottest Patios
    by Cat Kessler

    If there's one thing that drives home Asheville's moniker as "the Paris of the South," it has to be the outdoor dining scene. On a warm evening in downtown Asheville, diners are seated at sidewalk tables, tucked into courtyards … read more

  • Katie Button - Curate & Nightbell
    by Janet Moore

    Think of American food and one name comes to mind. James Beard. Julia Child called him the “Dean of American Cuisine,” and he was.  Three decades after his death, The James Beard Foundation continues his work by recognizing … read more

  • Wedge Brewing Couple
    by Jen Nathan Orris

    Asheville offers a dizzying array of  beer . From hoppy IPAs to dark stouts, the city’s breweries keep beer flowing like mountain water. With more breweries per capita than anywhere else in the U.S., Asheville was first named Beer City … read more

  • Artisan Cheeses
    by Melba Newsome

    The Western NC Cheese Trail covers the hills and dales of the Appalachians and foothills. Exploring it is a great way to soak up some rural mountain beauty and sample some of the best handmade cheese made in the South. Connect with cheesemakers, see … read more