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A community of culinary collaborators who share their creativity, passion and local flavors to craft an experience that will nourish your soul.

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Foodtopia is what we call our food scene in Asheville, N.C., home to a community of culinary collaborators crafting an experience to nurture your soul. We believe every meal is a celebration. A revelation. And a transcendent experience. And we're on a pursuit to bring the most unique and memorable food and drink experiences to you. These are our stories.

Asheville's Food and Beverage Scene Scores Big

A combination of farm-fresh ingredients, flavorful cuisines and a community of culinary experts is what makes Asheville's "Foodtopia" an unparalleled experience.

  • by Asheville Insider

    Which Restaurants Received the Highest Votes in Our Online Poll? These are the top breakfast restaurants in Asheville according to the visitors and locals who voted in our social media poll . Here they are in descending order: 6. Green Sage Cafe … read more

  • by David Thompson

    Asheville is home to some of the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the country, from fine dining at Plant to down home vegan soul food at Rosetta's Kitchen. But if you're the lone vegetarian in your travel party, never fear! There … read more

  • by Asheville Insider

    Fan Favorites: Most Romantic Places to Dine in Asheville Feel the ambiance and savor the meals at Asheville's most intimate and romantic places to dine. From crackling fireplaces to stunning vistas, these restaurants serve up the perfect … read more

  • by Asheville Insider

    Go Al Fresco in Foodtopia If there's one thing that drives home Asheville's moniker as "the Paris of the South," it has to be the outdoor dining scene. On a warm evening in downtown Asheville, diners are seated at sidewalk tables, … read more

  • by Patricia Serrano

    Welcome to Asheville’s foodie paradise, aka Foodtopia. And here in Foodtopia you can find just about anything. In this bilingual guide — la versión en español está abajo — we've discovered the intersection of … read more

  • by Jodi Helmer

    Explore the local “find dining” scene Ask local chefs and mixologists about the inspiration for their signature dishes and drinks, and they will tell stories about searching for patches of chickweed, chanterelles, sassafras, violets and … read more

  • by David Thompson

    Hey Asheville foodies, brunch enthusiasts and breakfast lovers, listen up! We're embarking on a mouthwatering mission to uncover the top breakfast spot in our beloved city. Grab your forks, bring your appetites and get ready to cast your vote … read more

  • by Kay West

    Since Dry January was officially established a decade ago, the movement to just say no to alcohol for 31 days has increasingly extended throughout the year. That has sparked demand for alternatives that don’t leave people who are sober-curious … read more

  • by Jen Nathan Orris

    Tap Into Asheville’s Beer Scene Asheville offers a dizzying array of beer. From hoppy IPAs to dark stouts, the city’s breweries keep beer flowing like mountain water. With more breweries per capita than anywhere else in the U.S., … read more

  • by Melba Newsome

    Taste Southern Cheese The Western NC Cheese Trail covers the hills and dales of the Appalachians and foothills. Exploring it is a great way to soak up some rural mountain beauty and sample some of the best handmade cheese made in the South. Connect … read more

  • by Jen Nathan Orris

    Sweeten Up to Asheville’s Honey Culture Asheville is bee heaven. They buzz through local gardens, orchards and honey festivals and are celebrated throughout town. From restaurants to shopping excursions, bees keep Asheville’s honey … read more

  • by When in Asheville

    Photo by @jennybellphotography Asheville is a culinary destination, even for the youngest of diners. But dining with kids can be tricky at times, so this list of kid-friendly restaurants and breweries in Asheville takes the guesswork out of whether … read more

  • by Patricia Serrano

    Did you know back in the 80s, Asheville just had two Latin restaurants? Today there are dozens of places bringing flavors and culture from across Latin American to the Asheville area. Some of these places are classic sit-down restaurants. But there … read more