Dr. Frank King, Jr.

The Watusi isn't just a 1960s dance; it's the name of a cattle breed with horns among the largest in the world. At his farm in Leicester, Dr. Frank King raises about 200 Watusi, along with a menagerie of camels, bison, yak, elk and more--all in the name of curiosity and nutritional research.

"We're all about education," King says. "We want to help people make good food choices that make a difference in their health." King's Carolina Bison specializes in lean, flavorful bison meat, selling it as steaks, roasts and sausages.

A chiropractic and naturopathic doctor, King prizes the meat for its health benefits and links it to longevity. "Bison is the real American red meat," he says, explaining that it was a crucial part of the Native American diet.

So what about the Watusi? King keeps the herd for research. He's interested in the nutritional benefits of different milks and meats. He promotes genetic diversity among species, so he gathers animals from all over the world for breeding. As a result, he's created an impressive display of rarities, such as white bison. The farm is open for tours, and King is working on expanding the attractions to include a train ride.

In addition to Carolina Bison, King operates King Bio, which creates and sells natural remedies nationwide. Major drug stores and grocery chains stock his products under labels such as Dr. King's Natural Medicine, Safecare, and Natural Pet.

When asked why Pennsylvania-born King settled in Asheville, he replied, "It was a gut feeling. We just had this inner peace and love for the place."

Dr. Frank King, Jr. | Carolina Bison
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Dr. Frank King, Jr. | Carolina Bison