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Katie Knorovsky

Katie is a freelance writer and the managing editor of Smoky Mountain Living magazine. She lives in West Asheville and is always up for a mountain adventure.

Follow Katie on Twitter at @TravKatieK.

Cozy Up to Asheville Winter 2018

7 Cozy Reasons Asheville is a Picture-Perfect Winter Destination

Coziness reaches new heights in Asheville, North Carolina, named one of the U.S.’s coziest cities. And as the cuddly Danish trend of hygge spreads like a soft alpaca blanket, Asheville stays true to its mountain comforts—crackling fireplaces and frosted vistas, toasty mugs of deliciousness and live music that warms the soul. Asheville heats up this time of year with welcoming


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Fox & Beggar Ringleader

Asheville Performance Art and Vaudeville Roots

Discover Asheville’s Vaudeville Revival In Asheville, all the world’s a swirling stage of jugglers and street performers, burlesque stars and variety shows, fire breathers and acrobats. Since the early 20th century, when country yodeling star Jimmie Rodgers got his break on the local vaudeville circuit, flashy performing arts have taken center stage here. Today, the spirit of

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