River Arts District: The Next Revitalization

The heart of Asheville’s creative spirit resides in this colorful neighborhood, where once-bustling mills now house 200+ artist studios. The RAD is open for business during ongoing improvements.​

Between now and 2020, you may notice some work in progress. Once completed, this expansive improvement project—undertaken by the city of Asheville with support from the local tourism industry—will include new greenways, bike lanes and sidewalks, safer roads, additional river access and better parking.

Check this link for current road closures, public parking availability, and other construction updates.

In the meantime, you are invited to explore this creative, eclectic corner of Asheville. Wander into a studio to watch an artist at work in clay, metal, wood or paint; grab a rack of ribs and a pint of craft beer amid brightly colored graffiti art; dance along to live local music at concerts and festivals.

Explore River Arts District

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