Urban Trail

Station #15 - Marketplace


A basket of apples balanced over wagon wheels recalls a time when produce markets and livery stables lined Lexington Avenue, precursors to today’s tailgate markets throughout the city.  Double doors up and down Lexington ~ originally known as Water Street ~ flag buildings once used for stabling horses and gathering in produce. (Artist: Black Mountain sculptor Julia Burr.)

Urban Trail Stations

The unbridled imagination of a boy on stilts captures the spirit of architect Richard Sharp Smith who left a lasting…

A ceramic replica of the Woodfin House honors Nicholas Woodfin, prominent lawyer and farmer.

You can vault time zones by standing in the indicated footsteps, large enough for Thomas Wolfe's large shoes.

A bronze version of Wolfe’s shoes draws attention to his mother’s boarding house, Old Kentucky Home.

Abstract metal sculptures wrangle to earth the myriad of emotions portrayed on stage in the long history of Asheville…

A silvery, art-in-motion sculpture, detailed with Art Deco stampings, honors the evolution of transportation in…

A bell very close in shape to this one once rung out at important times in Asheville's original City Hall.

A bronze plaque pays homage to the mountains with a nod towards Beaucatcher Road.