Urban Trail

Location #23 - Man and Mountain

Man and Mountain

A bronze plaque pays homage to the mountains with a nod towards Beaucatcher Road which, in 1808, provided a way into the valley of a young town.  Beaucatcher remained a significant barrier, however, until the 1920s when a tunnel was blasted through it.  In addition to its suggestion of romance, the mountain still offers a precious balcony view of the city.

Urban Trail Locations

Time Remembered

This grass-surrounded marker reveals that there’s a time capsule buried underneath.

Ellington's Dream

This granite etching renders Douglas Ellington’s original working concept of two art deco buildings of government.

Past and Promise

A girl in bronze drinks at a fountain.

Monument Corner

Carving tools and a work in progress represent W.O. Wolfe’s tombstone shop.

Brick Artisan

A plaque honors James Vester Miller, a son of slaves and master brick mason and artisan for the Municipal Building.

The Block

Artist Winston Wingo's bronze relief celebrates the spirit of Asheville's African-American community.

Hotel District

A bronze eagle overlooks a storied hotel district of old Asheville

Iron Plaque that says Walk into History

This "jump off" station recognizes, via plaque, the original unfolding of Pack Square where the first log courthouse of…