Urban Trail

Station #26 - Past and Promise

Past and Promise

A girl in bronze drinks at a fountain.  A simple moment, and perhaps for that reason, one of the trail's most cherished stations ~ called "Childhood" by sculptor James Barnhill.  She represents both the promise of youth and the reminiscence of times past when children came to play in Pack Square; the freedom of discovery and the promise of accomplishment comfortably bound together.

Urban Trail Stations

Carving tools and a work in progress represent W.O. Wolfe’s tombstone shop.

A plaque honors James Vester Miller, a son of slaves and master brick mason and artisan for the Municipal Building.

Artist Winston Wingo's bronze relief celebrates the spirit of Asheville's African-American community.

A bronze eagle overlooks a storied hotel district of old Asheville

This "jump off" station recognizes, via plaque, the original unfolding of Pack Square where the first log courthouse of…

Here you'll stand on the bed of a road (the Buncombe Turnpike) that was once traveled by Native Americans

A top hat, cane and gloves, cast in bronze, recall the theaters and the Grand Opera House that once flourished along…

Former resident Sydney Porter is celebrated with visual cues from his short masterpiece The Gift of the Magi.