Urban Trail

Urban Trail Audio Tour

Iron Plaque that says Walk into History

#1 - Walk Into History


This "jump off" station recognizes, via plaque, the original unfolding of Pack Square where the first log courthouse of the city stood in 1893.

two pig statues

#2 - Crossroads


Here you'll stand on the bed of a road (the Buncombe Turnpike) that was once traveled by Native Americans

Bronzed hat, cane, & gloves on a bench

#3 - Stepping Out


A top hat, cane and gloves, cast in bronze, recall the theaters and the Grand Opera House that once flourished along Patton Avenue.

Bronze pocket watch

#4 - O. Henry


Former resident Sydney Porter is celebrated with visual cues from his short masterpiece The Gift of the Magi.

Victorian frieze

#5 - Immortal Image


The plaque at Station #5 draws attention to the Victorian frieze work along the front of the Drhumor Building (1895).

Elizabeth Blackwell - Urban Trail

#6 - Elizabeth Blackwell


A bench with a bower of medicinal herbs (created by Joe Miller) honors Asheville resident Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman M.D. in the U.S.

S&W Building

#7 - Art Deco Masterpiece


This stop pays homage to the 1929 S&W Building.

Copy of Flat Iron Architecture

#8 - Flat Iron Architecture


Turn the corner and you'll discover a fabulously large iron, a replica of one used by a local laundry (artist: Reed Todd).

Cat Statue on Wall St

#9 - Cat Walk


Bronze cats mark the site of an original retaining wall for a hill later removed by E.W. Grove to develop that part of downtown Asheville.

Grove Arcade

#10 - Grove’s Vision


A glass etching (temporarily unavailable) shows the original plans for the Grove Arcade, including a full-fledged tower that was never built.

Historic Hilltop

#11 - Historic Hilltop


This "signature" station celebrates both “old” and “new” Battery Park Hotels, the first destroyed by fire, but both known for their guest lists.

Guastavino's Monument

#12 - Guastavino’s Monument


The Basilica of St. Lawrence features North America's largest self-supporting elliptical dome.

Appalachian Stage

#13 - Appalachian Stage


Five bronze figures seemingly float to the rhythms of Appalachian music, a tribute to the songs of the mountains.

Shopping Daze

#14 - Shopping Daze


This forged-metal representation of three well-heeled and hatted ladies with a small dog in tow commemorates an era when Haywood Street was the epicenter of fashionable shopping.


#15 - Marketplace


A basket of apples balanced over wagon wheels recalls a time when produce markets and livery stables lined Lexington Avenue.

Legacy of Design

#16 - Legacy of Design


The unbridled imagination of a boy on stilts captures the spirit of architect Richard Sharp Smith who left a lasting impact on the city's architecture.

Woodfin House

#17 - Woodfin House


A ceramic replica of the Woodfin House honors Nicholas Woodfin, prominent lawyer and farmer.

Wolfe's Neighborhood

#18 - Wolfe’s Neighborhood


You can vault time zones by standing in the indicated footsteps, large enough for Thomas Wolfe's large shoes.


#19 - Dixieland


A bronze version of Wolfe’s shoes draws attention to his mother’s boarding house, Old Kentucky Home.

Curtain Calls

#20 - Curtain Calls


Abstract metal sculptures wrangle to earth the myriad of emotions portrayed on stage in the long history of Asheville Community Theatre.

On the Move

#21 - On the Move


A silvery, art-in-motion sculpture, detailed with Art Deco stampings, honors the evolution of transportation in Asheville.

Civic Pride

#22 - Civic Pride


A bell very close in shape to this one once rung out at important times in Asheville's original City Hall.

Man and Mountain

#23 - Man and Mountain


A bronze plaque pays homage to the mountains with a nod towards Beaucatcher Road.

Time Remembered

#24 - Time Remembered


This grass-surrounded marker reveals that there’s a time capsule buried underneath.

Ellington's Dream

#25 - Ellington’s Dream


This granite etching renders Douglas Ellington’s original working concept of two art deco buildings of government.

Past and Promise

#26 - Past and Promise


A girl in bronze drinks at a fountain.

Monument Corner

#27 - Monument Corner


Carving tools and a work in progress represent W.O. Wolfe’s tombstone shop.

Brick Artisan

#28 - Brick Artisan


A plaque honors James Vester Miller, a son of slaves and master brick mason and artisan for the Municipal Building.

The Block

#29 - The Block


Artist Winston Wingo's bronze relief celebrates the spirit of Asheville's African-American community.

Hotel District

#30 - Hotel District


A bronze eagle overlooks a storied hotel district of old Asheville