Asheville: A Great American Roadtrip

Light rays stream through a tree along the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville, NC

Planning a future roadtrip?

The scenic drives in and around Asheville are nationally-recognized for their beauty and ease of access. And with scenic highways and byways, including the Blue Ridge Parkway, winding right through town, it's easy to embed a roadtrip within a roadtrip! 

A roadtrip is a great way to safely and responsibly travel to, and throughout, the area to enjoy the serenity of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Asheville is the perfect homebase for daytrips to historic neighborhoods, picturesque small towns and countless natural wonders. We've created the interactive map below to help you visualize how you can create your own an Asheville roadtrip.  

If you visit, please bring your mask with you -- you'll need it inside all public places, and public outdoor spaces where social distancing isn't possible. Have more questions about mask policies and safety? Check out our answers to these Asheville frequently asked questions