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Nan is the author of Asheville: A History and Eat Your Yard! and co-author of Drink the Harvest. Her freelance writing credits include The New York Times and Air & Space. An avid gardener, she lives near downtown Asheville and enjoys walking through the historic districts for inspiration.

Follow Nan on Instagram at @drinktheharvest.

NC Arboretum

Best Gardens to Visit in Asheville

Asheville is a Garden-Lovers Paradise Asheville, North Carolina's scenic natural landscape is a mecca for all things green, with its favorable climate and diverse citizens instilled with a passion and respect for the land. From elegant grand estates to fun-meets-funky, this farm-to-table town is eager to educate. Asheville boasts some of the best garden centers in the Southeast, a top-notch

Hatchery-Supported Fishing Starts on Saturday

Get Hooked on Guided Fishing Expeditions

Trout, smallmouth bass, and great scenery abound The phrase “gone fishing” typically means goofing off, avoiding responsibility, or just dozing in the shade. Not so for a dedicated group of Asheville-based outdoor guides . For these hardworking sport fishermen, “gone fishing” means long hours of field research: heading into the mountains to explore the region’s nearly

Omni Grove Park Inn Spa

How Asheville Became a Mountain Spa Escape

Asheville, N.C.’s Healing History as a Wellness Retreat Imagine a health care system without antibiotics, without even electricity to power lights or fans. Welcome to the perilous world of the early 1800s, when malaria, tuberculosis, and other dread diseases ravaged even the most privileged of families throughout the lowland South. Thank goodness for early Asheville, North Carolina, as

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