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Cat is the Director of Content for, where she gets to tweet about hiking and cheese, post photos of Blue Ridge Mountain vistas on Facebook and Instagram many pints of craft beer.

Follow her on Twitter at @VisitAsheville.

Where to Eat Brunch in Asheville

Where to Eat Brunch in Asheville

A Guide to Weekend Mornings in Foodtopia Brunch. That magical, (mostly) morning meal that permits diners to mix pancakes and sandwiches, eggs and entrees--perhaps with a little hair of the dog to boot. For weekend travelers, brunch also offers another opportunity to sample the local flavor. And in Asheville, N.C.--also known as Foodtopia --there is no shortage of choices. A recent article in the

Get Edgy With the Asheville Fringe Arts Festival

Fringe Arts Festival: Winter Whimsy in Asheville

Countdown to the festival: January 25-28, 2018 During the winter, the Asheville Fringe Arts Festival brings a burst of artistic color to downtown , with  innovative theater, dance, spoken word and performance arts at venues all around town . Wonder what Fringe is all about? This edgy performing arts tradition got its start in Edinburgh, Scotland in the 1940s when several performing

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