Why Do We Ask?

We appreciate your interest in collaborating! As a condition of consideration for media hosting, the Explore Asheville PR Team asks that all blogs and online content creators provide our team with access to your Google Analytics. Simply grant exploreasheville@gmail.com “Read & Analyze” permissions to your Google Analytics account (Admin > Property > User Management). Once our team reviews your audience and other analytics data, we will remove ourselves from the account. Explore Asheville will not share your audience data with outside entities, though we may generate a report to keep with our records.

We do not accept screenshots or generated reports from site analytics. Unfortunately, as other online media outlets have falsified or misconstrued screenshots or their analytics reports in the past, we now require viewing data in a format that cannot be altered. Site analytics are a competitive advantage blogs and other owner-operated online media possess over traditional media companies. Explore Asheville hosts active promotional campaigns throughout the country, and your audience – regardless of size – may be attractive to one of our niche marketing efforts.

We promise discretion with your audience data and will make our determination as soon as possible. Please let us know if you have any specific questions, and thanks for your desire to work with us!