Winter Elk Watching & Waterfall Photo Tours

  • Redeemable: December 15 - April 1, 2021

Need a guide near Asheville to help you find the elk in Great Smoky Mountains National Park? We’re offering just that! We currently have a 100% success rate in finding the elk! For our private Half-Day Elk Watching & Waterfall Photo Tour, we put a lot of effort into thinking about what would be the most enjoyable half-day winter tour we could possibly put together. What we came up with is a trip that takes you about an hour west of Asheville out to Great Smoky Mountain National Park to see the elk herds in Cataloochee Valley, visit a waterfall, and hopefully see some giant ice walls up on the Blue Ridge Parkway! This tour is our longest half-day tour at 6 hours, making sure we have enough time to get to several different locations, take lots of photos, and learn a lot about photography in the process. Our Elk & Waterfall tours are very adventurous and sure to please!