Group Aura Photos and readings and Chakra Boosting

  • Redeemable: January 4 - June 30, 2021

Welcome to Adoratherapy’s Aura Studio located at the Grove Arcade in downtown Asheville. Our collaboration with Chi Energy Master James, brings together technology and intuition to provide you with expert Aura readings. Each person in your group will receive a personalized Aura portrait that provides you with insights into your chakras and energy allowing the Adoratherapy Mood Boosters to create a scent healing experience with essential oils most suited for their self-actualization. Master James creates one-of-kind experiences with Aura readings, crystal grids, reiki and aromatherapy. The colors of the Aura provide insight into emotions, thoughts, and state of mind, allowing us to gain spiritual awareness. Auras are directly related to the chakras. Each color has a unique meaning. After an Aura reading we will email you your Aura photo and your 14 page report that includes: · Full color photo of you and your Aura showing the radiance of your energy field. · Visual image of your full body Aura and your entire chakra system. · Explanation of your main Aura color, which reflects your personality type and characteristics. · Overview of the significance of the size and shape of your chakras. · The level of activity or energy in each chakra, which accurately indicates strengths and weaknesses. · Your overall chakra balance. · Bio-Data analysis including your ying-yang or male-female energy balance. · Mind-Body-Spirit balance ratios to show if you are more mental, physical or spiritual. · Emotion-Meter which indicates your level of emotional balance. · State of Mind/Body Graph which indicates if you are stressed or relaxed. · Energy Level Graph, which measures your vibrational field in the energy channels of the mental,emotional, physical and spiritual realms. · Detailed interpretations of the various areas of your personal auric field, including the balance or dominance of your right (yang) side, your left (yin) side, above and beneath your body. Utilizing the newest techniques, our stunning 3D Aura imaging software displays Aura and chakra results simultaneously. Sit in front of our web camera and place you hand on the Interactive hand sensor. The hand sensor will take readings from your hand and transfer the data to our computer. Our powerful software displays the data from your hand reading as a series of beautifully detailed charts and graphs. Aura photos take 5-15 minutes depending on the depth of the reading and package selected. While each person is doing an Aura, we offer aromatherapy education from chakra balancing to essential oil sampling. Pricing: $45 for full report and Consultation. $30 for Aura Photo and Mini consultation. 10% off For groups of 5 people+ For larger groups and off site pricing available upon request. Please contact us for more information and to customize your event.