Experience Interactive Exhibits, Learn to Play a Synthesizer and Theremin

  • Redeemable: January 22 - April 22, 2021

Explore the world of sound through the history, science, and music of the synthesizer. Discover its impact on all genres of music from classical to jazz and country to rock. The Moogseum represents the convergence of educating and inspiring people through electronic music, just as Bob did himself. It serves as an educational, historical, and cultural resource to Western North Carolina and the worldwide music community through the following experiences: * A multi-media, interactive Bob Moog Timeline, with access to over 700 archival items and rare photographs, songs featuring Moog instruments from the late '60s to today, and rare interviews with Bob Moog. * The "Making Waves: The Theremin" exhibit includes interactive theremins and oscilloscopes, providing a lesson on understanding waveforms and how to play the theremin. * The “How Electricity Becomes Sound” immersive visualization dome invites guests to step inside a circuit board and trace electricity as it evolves into sound, delving into the very heart of Bob’s work in sound synthesis. Create and adjust your own soundwaves with the interactive control panel. * Interactive History of Synthesis timeline which features 34 historical and contemporary developments in the field of synthesis, from 1896 to 1995. Guests can hear sound samples, see performers and explore unique details. * The "Hands-On Synthesis" exhibit station, where visitors of all skill levels can learn about the building blocks of synthesis and about sculpting sound in a self-guided lesson before learning to play a Moog synthesizer. * The Moogseum Store featuring legacy-related items and other interesting collectibles.