$5 OFF Tarot Reading

  • Redeemable: January 15, 2023 - December 31, 2023

Tarot readings are a wonderful way to break through the superficial and cultivate a deeper bond with your friends, family, or coworkers! Often rowdy and always soulful, a tarot reading can spark profound conversations and strengthen vital friendships. This is a fun and illuminating experience, offering everyone a deeper connection to everyday magic.

Seeking an even more intimate experience? Book a tarot reading for just you or for you and a partner. Dive even deeper with one-on-one attention!

Your group reading will begin with an intention-setting, guided meditation. From there, each participant will enjoy a personalized reading of the cards whose symbolism and possible messages will be interpreted by the reader. Bring your own question to your reading or hold a more general query in mind like: "what is it that I need to focus on at this moment to take the next step towards realizing my heart’s desire?”

Location: we’ll come to you! Your reader can meet you at your cozy home/accommodations, at a local tea house, in a city park, or online!

Use code CVBCONNECT5 for $5 off per person. We would love to see you in Asheville (or online!)

One question we receive often is "Does Tarot Predict My Future?" For the answer to this and other FAQs, you can visit our blog or contact us anytime. https://ashevillewellnesstours.com/what-is-tarot/