Whee Ahh Faerie Kin

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  • Asheville, NC 28801
  • Phone: (540) 797-7322

Whee Ahh Faerie Kin is an Asheville-based troupe of magical beings -- mythical, elemental, wild & free who love to glee-fully frolic, romp and fly in search of other beings who want to play. On stilts, and with handmade art costumes and props, we surround folks, tall and short, young and old, one and all with magic, heart-full songs (singing and playing instruments), sacred bells, faerie mist, silk scarves, and other enchanting delights. We incorporate stories and themes into our performances, as well as large puppets and masks. New themes include stilt-walking faerie trees that create a forest canopy together with talking magical animals below us.