The Salt Spa of Asheville and Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary

  • 473 Hendersonville Road
  • Suite B
  • Asheville, NC 28803
  • Phone: (828) 505-1838
  • Region: South Asheville

Imagine Being Here! As Asheville’s Premier and Only Salt Spa and Salt Cave offering real authentic Salt Therapy ( Dry Salt Halotherapy) we combine the art of the most therapeutic salt therapy and wonderful spa services and  packages for deep relaxation, stress relief and rejuvenation.

The moment you enter our Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary, you can leave your stress and worries behind. Whether you come to experience Halotherapy in our Himalayan Salt Therapy Cave, a therapeutic and relaxing massage or a session on our exclusive Far Infrared Salt Bed in our Himalayan Salt Wellbeing Cave, you have come to nurture your body, mind and soul.

Due to environmental stress from toxins and pollutants, our respiratory system is constantly exposed to harmful substances. Dry salt therapy can greatly improve and support respiratory and overall health by breathing in a negative ion rich dry salt air, a micro-climate that naturally can only be found in natural underground salt mines.

Developed by European Physicians interested in natural therapies, Halotherapy (using a dry salt Halogenerator) is the only salt therapy method that can re-create the therapeutic aspects of underground salt mines. Using a dry salt Halogenerator is essential to creating such micro-climate above ground. It is scientifically proven that other methods fall short of providing such micro-climate. Don't settle for less!.

For us, Halotherapy is a lot more. We believe well-being is a matter of body, mind and soul and so we address them all. Naturally, we put a lot of emphasis on creating a safe and peaceful salt sanctuary here at The Salt Spa.

Our Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary was carefully built by the owners with 100% of only the best Himalayan Salt and all natural, non-toxic materials, sophisticated equipment to re-create the authentic dry salt, negative ion and mineral rich micro-climate of natural salt mines and an ambiance of serenity, relaxation and well-being.

Our Himalayan Salt Wellbeing Room is another work of art and love. In this beautiful and intimate Himalayan Salt room, we offer massages, cranio-sacral therapy, energy work and our in house developed Far Infrared Himalayan Salt Bed. With the multitude of health services, our guests can experience either “one, two or three hours of Bliss” here at The Salt Spa, a tranquil retreat to allow the relaxation, healing and rejuvenation to unfold.

Your blissful time at The Salt Spa of Asheville is only complete with the experience which all our guests enjoy – the peaceful sensation of our warm Himalayan Salt Foot Domes for a wholesome finale. We recommend advanced reservation. Our guests need to be non-smokers for at least 3 weeks of all substances.

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