The Hunger Tours

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Since 2012 we have also toured guest from 40 different states and 8 different countries. We were the tour company chosen by the N.C. Department of Tourism to tour Easy Living Magazine from the United Kingdom! We offer five different tours. Every tour includes the opportunity to view props used in the movie, a Hunger Games lunch, Hunger Games trivia and information about the making of The Hunger Games privy only to us!

CORNUCOPIA: View Peeta and Katniss's cave, the woods Katniss and Gale hunt in, the trees the hovercraft crosses, and the Cornucopia area view from above. ARENA: View the fireball scene, where the tree falls in front of Katniss, Peeta's camo cave, where Katniss jumps into the pool of water, where the tributes chase Katniss, and where the "train tracks" to the Capitol are located.

DISTRICT 12: View Mellarks Bakery, Katniss house, the hill she runs behind and dam she crosses to go hunting. Also see the road the miners walk down and where the house blew up. You'll then go to the site of the Reaping, the Hob, and where District 11 riots.

MOCKING JAY: See all of the District 12 tour, then its on to Peetas camo cave, and where Katniss runs near the waterfalls in search of Peeta.

CAPITOL:(2 days) See everywhere The Hunger Tours goes. This tour will allow you to view all the sites!

We have 100% satisfaction and promise you a Hunger Games tour you'll never forgot!  View our web site for more details