Texture Gallery and Art Bar

  • 2004 Riverside Drive
  • Suite P
  • Asheville, NC 28804
  • Phone: (828) 337-3978
  • Region: Woodfin

We offer various art classes at Texture Gallery & Art Bar throughout the year, including shows by other artists both local, regional and international. [text]ure Gallery & Art Bar is a Gallery centered around Letter Arts and Layered Textural Artwork, while the Art Bar is a dedicated classroom area and working studio where people can some supplies or come empty-handed, use the materials, substrates, mediums and tools to create their own artworks. We don't supply anything we can't assist with or teach, so our supplies include everything calligraphic, as well as acrylics, watercolors, alcohol inks, encaustics, paper quilting, bookbinding, and supplies for layered, textural multimedia work. My wife Patrice and I facilitate most classes throughout the year, but we also invite other artists to teach different things like quilting, glass painting, stained glass, acrylics, book making etc.

Don't miss out on a unique opportunity to learn from a true Letter Artist with an impeccable sense of design and notable appreciation for the arts in general. A innovator in the calligraphic world, Denis will be walking us through stages of layering and creating textures with traditional painting techniques and lettering to create a dynamic balance with depth and definition. As an added bonus, Denis will be finishing one of his exceptional glass works on site for installation at the Gallery, graciously offering a rare look into the careful thought and design that goes into his glass works, which would otherwise not happen outside his studio! and feel free to share this with anyone who may be interested. Registration is now open.