Rev. Katherine S. Blackburn

Wedding Ceremony Officiant: I was ordained in 2006 and have been blessed to have the incredible opportunity of officiating non-denominational and spiritually focused weddings in and around Asheville, NC. To officiate your service is a humbling experience that I find most holy and sacred.

I also offer:

Customized Wedding Ceremony Design: Because I help you create a ceremony that reflects your values and beliefs, my hope is that you will read it together on your anniversaries. You may want to even share it with your children.

Rehearsal Direction: From walking through the ceremony twice, you and your wedding party will be so comfortable with the ceremony that the service will flow beautifully.

Marriage Preparation & Creative Problem-Solving Skills: I offer 6 techniques to work through inevitable challenges of relationship in a peaceful, non-defensive way as you build the common ground together. I can work privately with you as a couple, or as part of a group.

FOCCUS© Pre-Marriage Inventory: I facilitate couples using this online tool designed to help them appreciate their unique relationship, learn more about themselves, and discuss topics important to their lifelong marriage.

Newlywed Mentor /Advisor: Because I want you to have a happy and successful marriage, I offer sessions to share helpful tips from many long-term married couples as well as practice techniques to ensure your new marriage grows stronger.

Renewal of Wedding Vows: This is a wonderful opportunity to bring you together, after years of marriage experience, to remember and revitalize your commitment and deepen your relationship.

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