Nex Millen

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"Nex Millen is one of Hip Hop Culture foremost renaissance men. Truly developing his love for the art of DJing, Music Production, and MCing into more than a decade long music career, He definitely fits in a category along side champions like Pete Rock, Diamond D, Nottz, Madlib and J-Dilla. Nex Millen's musical approach is raw, simple and to the point. Funky but Soulful and Melodic. Reminiscent of your favorite song of all time. Lyrically Nex Millen is smooth and mellow with a classic Hip Hop feel. You can tell he speaks from the heart and promotes a positive solution in his songs. When Nex Millen creates musical soundscapes his mind amazes, the way he Chops and Loops. Songs are thoughtfully laid out and always accompanied by a banging rhythm and drum section James Brown would say is ""to serious""! His DJ technique shines above all. Record selection is what makes a great DJ and Nex Millen has it. Hands down! Cuts and Scratches are one of a kind. Adding enough flavor to bring the missing art form back to the forefront of Hip Hop music. Overall Nex Millen holds his own whether it be solo or collaboration. He doesn't just practice the culture as a way of life. He is Hip Hop Culture past, present and future."

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