Nancy Joyce Gallery

  • 122 Riverside Drive
  • Studio E
  • Asheville, NC 28801
  • Phone: (404) 313-1246
  • Region: River Arts District

Mixed-Media artist of the Carolinas. Nancy’s paintings are intricate in form and filled with layers of color and perspective. Her paintings are most often created with a range of matte acrylic hues, various hand-made papers and finished with touches of oil colors. You can sometimes witness her sand or wipe down layers to reveal under-layers and build up other sections creating texture and depth; a process that may go on for weeks or end in one day. Often times, Nancy will incorporate the wheel image throughout her work. From Nancy’s perspective, the cyclical nature of the wheel represents the continuous flow of things in life. Nancy’s influences are garnered mainly from her own desire to create rather than from outside influences.