Matt Townsend

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Matt Townsend is a songwriter, poet and seeker based in Asheville,NC. With his distinctive voice, and a world weary insight, he delivers his original songs grounded in the folk, rock and pop traditions. Live, the band flows from high energy rock n roll, to quiet folk tunes and back. Bob Dylan, Neutral Milk Hotel, Neil Young being some the early musical guiding lights. Lyrically the songs explore the spiritual dissonance between the individual and the world at large, longing for connection, love as redemption, and more. He released his first EP "What Light Shall Be" in 2012 while living in Burlington, VT. In early 2013 he relocated to Asheville, NC and in 2014 released his first LP "Matt Townsend and the Wonder of the World" and toured the Eastern US for the next 2 years. He is a featured artist on the newly released "Asheville Symphony Sessions", and has a new album due for release in 2016. “Matt Townsend is something of a conundrum" says one music writer, "On one hand, his lyrics indicate a world-weary, vulnerable old-timer. His voice projects across the generations, so much so that any listener would find themselves googling the album release date within seconds. But at the same time, he is wholly modern...So you see he is a good conundrum. Even better when you take a listen to his album." -Popdose

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