Inner Light Journeys, LLC

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  • Asheville, NC 28801
  • Phone: (828) 242-6883
  • Region: Downtown

Inner Light Journeys offers a unique form of "meditation" combined with a fully immersive sound bath in a mobile studio and around Asheville. 

After entering, you lay on a vibroacoustic bed, surrounded by 9 speakers, with a tactile transducer plate on your chest, and under the Lucia N°03 light with your eyes closed. As the lights begin to flicker, the music begins. As you gradually sink into the session, the colors become vibrant, the patterns and imagery become more intricate. From spa and meditation music to shamanic drumming to blues to jazz to rock and roll, your brain creates a synchronicity between the music and the light awe inspiring visuals you experience. The longer the session, the more stillness you experience.

The mobile studio uses the following safety precautions:

  • an air conditioner (heater in the winter) and vent for constant air flow
  • a HEPA air filtration system
  • a UV (ultraviolet) disinfecting lamp
  • a contactless hand sanitizer dispenser
  • the use of masks for anyone entering the studio
  • all surfaces are wiped down after each session.

This is a non-therapeutic, non-chemically induced, recreational form of stress reduction. Individual results WILL vary. The most consistent effects people experience are positive mood shift and better sleep after a session.

On-site visits are available as well. Prices vary based on location.

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