Hunger Games Unofficial Fan Tours

Fan Tours of filming locations used in the hit film The Hunger Games™. Tours take place in DuPont State Recreational Forest (The Arena scenes) near Brevard, NC or in District 12 near Hildebran, NC (Henry River Mill Village). Activities for the DuPont tours include: tour filming locations, hiking, camouflage, Hunger Games™ trivia, waterfalls, Hunger Games™ themed lunch bags, archery and sling shot. Activities for District 12 tours include: tour the filming locations, bakery activity, archery, Hunger Games™ trivia, Hunger Games™ themed lunch bags and introducing a new game called Archery Tag™.  

For the die-hard fans we offer Adventure Weekends where we are housed at Earthshine Discovery Center. You get to tour the scenes used in DuPont State Recreational Forest and back at Earthshine you get to learn survival skills like: fire building, shelter building, archery, sling shot, and camouflage, as well as getting to zip line at night. All meals and activities are themed around The Hunger Games™!  On the final day there is a game simulation to see what survival skills you have learned. Who will be the winning Tribute?

All activities and tours can be adapted to fit your group. 

Types of Tours: Options: Guided Walking Tour of Arena Scenes with food and activities or Guided Walking Tour of District 12.    
Group Policies: Requires a group of at least 6 people.   
Days & Hours of Operation: Most tours occur on the weekends but special weekday tours can be arranged.   
Miles from Downtown Asheville: Tours meet in Brevard, NC, located about 35 miles from downtown Asheville.   

As the local experts in Asheville, the ACVB would welcome the opportunity to source your overnight room needs and help you plan the perfect itinerary! Please contact us at 800-257-5583.