Heyday Musical Instruments and Repair

  • 108 North Lexington Avenue
  • Asheville, NC 28801
  • Phone: (828) 254-0402
  • Region: Downtown

Authorized amplifier warranty service for Fender, Mesa/Boogie, and Orange; Vintage + used guitars, amps, synthesizers, boutique and used pedals; Consignment; Accessories. We buy, sell, trade, consign, and service vintage and modern amps, synthesizers, instruments, and pro audio gear.

We also deal in equipment for home recordists like microphones, small format desks, preamps, and software. We carry a boatload of pedals. We don’t service home theater or home audio gear unless it’s old and has tubes in it.

Looking for new stuff? We carry a selection of pedals, accessories and other surprises to blow your mind. We proudly stock locally made pedals from Blackout Effectors and Endangered Audio Research. As far as non-local, we carry Wren & Cuff, Alexander Pedals, Disaster Area Designs, Saturnworks, Voodoo Labs, Smallsound/Bigsound, Greer Amps, Caroline Guitar Co., Bondi Effects, and we’re one of TWO NC Strymon Dealers.

  • Friday: 12-7
  • Monday: closed
  • Saturday: 12-7
  • Sunday: closed
  • Thursday: 12-7
  • Tuesday: 12-7
  • Wednesday: 12-7