Essencial Dreams

  • 45 S. French Broad Avenue
  • Asheville, NC 28801
  • Phone: (828) 648-4883
  • Region: Downtown

Essencial Dreams started almost 30 years ago & have lived in Western NC for about 27 years. We've had an online business since the internet was available & have traveled many miles doing festivals. We now stay closer to home & set up at our local Farmers Market where we I reside in Haywood County. Our main products are natural body care that includes effective and therapeutic facial, hair and body care.

We incorporate 3 arts in our products: Aromatherapy, selecting the essential oils for each product based on their therapeutic values and the fact that they smell divine is an extra bonus. Phytotherapy, from which we get our Phyto nutrients which the body easily absorbs and uses without side effects, that chemical counterparts are well known for. Last we use Homeopathy, (low doses homeopathic solutions like Bach Flower Remedies) which give energy and life to the products. This Wholistic combination results in products that balance our bodies and retunes our aura. The more you use our products the more you'll notice a happier and healthier you. You can find these products at The Downtown Market, 45 S French Broad in Asheville.