Chaotic Joy Glassblowing Studio

Terri Sigler, a fine arts glassblower, lives in Asheville, NC. The foundation of her art follows a long history of form as the wellspring to grace. Her method of expression is to evolve a work from the intangible idea to a tangible piece of art through the process of sketching and working the molten glass --toggling to and fro‘ as in a dance to achieve a vessel with distinguished line, color and texture. Terri spent three years building her own glassblowing equipment and studio adjacent to her home in North Asheville. She has studied Venetian and Scandinavian-style glass at the Corning Museum of Glass and Haystack School of Crafts. Currently, she sells her work locally through studio tours and Etsy. Her recent work includes Venetian-style tumblers, ornaments, bowls and vases.