Better Than Unicorns (Virtual Reality Arena)

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We are an Asheville-based, Family-owned/run, Virtual Reality + Facilitation company offering team-building experiences that go way beyond just another treetop adventure. 

Our mind-blowing, possibility-expanding experiences will be the most memorable thing your team has ever done together...even if you are still physically apart.

If it is time to come back together, to laugh, have fun, reconnect, get that productivity mojo back….we have the innovative solution you seek. 

Collaborating and working together with a team of people takes patience, clear communication, cooperation, sharing tasks, and skillful navigation. Teams need to utilize each of these attributes to bridge social and cultural differences for shared understanding to best meet team goals.

All our team events start with an experience that represents the shortest distance from never-been-in-VR-does-it-feel-real? to OMG-I-totally-get-it! about the power of the immersive medium. We invite all our teams to experience this as it establishes what it means to be embodied in the virtual reality.

Our primary experience is designed to challenge the team to improve creativity, effective collaboration, and trust. Teams can unlock several achievements during the experience, including practices in these tactics: Full Team Engagement, Persistence, Confirming Actions, Specialization, Remembering the Objective, and much more.

Here is what people say about our VR Team Building experiences:

"VR Teambuilding was not only a lot of fun but also created an avenue for us to connect while working together to solve challenges. We learned a lot about each other and how to communicate effectively."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would suggest it for your organization. I truly can't give a description that will do the experience justice but can only say that you will be amazed with the process."

"It really takes you out of your comfort zone in a structured, thrilling and surprising way. No one person has to be "good" at VR, it's a new experience for everyone and everyone gets to experience it together."


In addition to our virtual reality, we offer a range of Corporate Facilitation services listed below:

  • Focused Conversation - meaningful dialogue, broaden group perspective, elicit clear ideas and conclusions (0.5-1.5hours)
  • Consensus Workshop - generates creativity and builds practical team consensus (1.5-2hours)
  • Action Plan - project planning while building team ownership, trust, and support (2.5-4.5hours)
  • Project Implementation Plans - for projects that are ongoing (1.5-3hours)
  • Strategic Planning - designing a 3-5 year vision (2days)
  • Wall of Wonder - historical scan and trend analysis, often used before a Strategic Planning session (1.5-2hours)


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