Asheville Distilling Company

  • 12 Old Charlotte Highway
  • Suite 140
  • Asheville, NC 28803
  • Phone: (828) 575-2000
  • Region: East Asheville

We make Keeper moonshine, the kind that never left the home place. Over generations, the best home distillers discovered that taking it slow, cooking on a lower heat, created the smoothest, purest and best-tasting spirit. Modern technology has given us a lot of advantages, and we've found there are three distinct parts of a run. The Heads, or first part of the distillation run, contains toxic compounds, things like acetone, methanol and aldehydes. Not only are they bad for you, they burn, they smell bad, and might just give you a headache. Turns out, cooking the mash slowly and at lower temperatures, reduces the amount of Heads. And there's a reason a lot of people tried moonshine once and decided once was enough - it really was toxic! We also found that the Tails, at the end of a run, can add a mustiness and muddiness. With exceptionally careful distillation that is continually monitored, we retain the smoothness and natural sweetness of our whiskey and are confident we are providing you with true Keeper spirits. Troy & Sons Platinum Moonshine and Troy & Sons Oak Reserve, nothing but Hearts.

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