2nd Paige Studio

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I take the inspriation for my vessels and window hangings from the natural beauty surrounding Asheville. Each piece begins with loose fiber, sewn (not felted!) together. Blues for our rivers and sky, purples and golds for the sunsets, and browns and greens for the mountains and forests. The piece is then cast into what will be it's finished form. Layers of paint are then hand applied to meld the colors together. When dried, the first coat of resin is applied, and embellished with microbeads and mica chips. Additional resin layers are applied, and the rims or edges are "gilded" with metallic paint. The vision for these vessels came to me whilst having radiation for a brain tumor. That even at that moment, my life was like a vessel: full of blessings. It is my hope that people will see the beauty that inspires my work, that they will think of the blessings they have in their lives.