Yes the Raven

  • White Horse Black Mountain

  • Address: 105C Montreat Road, Black Mountain, NC 28711
  • Times: 8:00 PM
  • Admission: $12 advance/ $15 door

Yes the Raven Affirms An Evocative Musical Vision

Saturday, January 19 -8:00 p.m.- Yes the Raven. Indie folk. $12 advance/$15 door

The raven occupies a special place in Celtic myth. Among other things, the large corvid is associated with the battle goddess Mabd, an ominous and mysterious portent. But Madb was also the goddess of enlightenment, life, inspiration and wisdom, a fitting patroness for the inquisitive and intelligent raven. 

Yes the Raven, the singer-songwriter persona of Irish-born Alan Mearns, taps into both the mystery and the inspiration suggested by his namesake in his beautifully crafted songs. The Hickory resident will perform his distinctive and original music at the White Horse Black Mountain on Saturday, January 19 at 8:00 p.m.

Not too long ago, Mearns’ native Belfast, Northern Ireland was best known for its intransigent and violent sectarian politics, a legacy it’s only recently started to put behind it. Alan Mearns was raised in a Belfast still beset by “The Troubles”, and his songs have an underlying spiritual connection to the great beauty and tragedy of his native land without overtly referencing its traditional music. As an inheritor of Celtic mythology and love of words, and as a standard bearer of the finest contemporary songwriting, Yes the Raven’s lyrics are profoundly poetic, alternately direct and tantalizingly oblique. His stunningly virtuosic, classically influenced guitar arrangements are evocative equal partners in his singular musical vision. 

Plans for the near future include a collection of U2covers as well as an album of new Yes the Raven originals.