World Tai Chi and Qigong Day

Join us for World Tai Chi and Qigong Day on April 29th! We will be meeting at Carrier Park in West Asheville at the pavilion. Classes will be held from 10 - 3 in the grassy area just outside of the pavilion. No experience needed. This event is to help introduce new people to the various forms of Tai Chi, or Taiji, practice. You will be invited to join along with us as we all do Tai Chi together in the park and learn why Tai Chi is such a great exercise for everyone. This event is free and open to the public. In the event of rain, Tai Chi and Qigong classes will be held under the pavilion instead of on the grass. We will start the day with a Qigong class led by by Lara Diaz of Dragon Phoenix, then will be followed by group Tai Chi classes. We plan to have representatives from all of the traditional Tai Chi styles and forms. Yang 10, Yang 24, Yang 37, and Yang 108. Chen Old Frame First Form and Silk Reeling exercises will be led by Aaron Dison of Dragon Phoenix. It would be wonderful to have representatives from Wu, Hao, and Sun styles as well. The day will conclude with a Push Hands workshop. The full schedule of events will be made public closer to time of the event. Keep checking back to our website for a detailed breakdown of classes. If you are a Tai Chi teacher in Western North Carolina and would like to be involved, please email event is sponsored by Dragon Phoenix Kung Fu in North Asheville, but the main purpose is to promote Tai Chi and Tai Chi instructors in all of WNC. We hope that you will add Tai Chi into your wellness practice and will find the right teacher for you through networking at this event.

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