We're Locals - LIVE Multimedia Show!

WE’RE LOCALS IS COMING TO ASHEVILLE! We’re Locals is a unique live multimedia show where two bozos (Dan Vetrano and Aaron Nevins) do their best to blend in with the natives in a completely different town every seven days, culminating in one dazzling show at the end of the week. Dan and Aaron comb your bars, businesses and peculiar classified ads to find the most fascinating people around, following strange paths to meet even stranger strangers, scouring your thrift shops for choice finds, and generally embarking on insane life-changing experiences that they’ll tell you all about. In addition, We’re Locals aims to showcase the colorful and vibrant idiosyncrasies of each town, rounding up local bands, comedians and artists and shining a spotlight on the workers, craftspeople and small businesses that make each place unique. Come on out to We’re Locals for one night only of charmingly idiotic powerpoint presentations, games, surprises, and weird Wifi names from your neighborhood. By the end of the week, you might even confuse Dan and Aaron for your neighbors. 

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