Walk Through History Series: Historic Grovemont

Take a guided walking tour of the early 20th century Grovemont-On-Swannanoa planned community developed by E.W. Grove in 1924 and Lake June. Grovemont-On-Swannanoa was billed as America’s first planned community with 500 acres for homes, Churchs, lakes, and recreation area. Lake June, a man-made lake that was once part of the Grovemont-On-Swannanoa planned community is a once popular recreation spot, by mid century the lake had drained away and gradually the land had become overgrown with invasive species like kudzu, English ivy and multiflora rose. The tour unearths the ruins of a lakehouse and stone pillars that were once part of the development surrounding the lake, as well as a more mysterious site that has been dubbed “The Spring House” and may be the last remnants of a homestead of unknown age. As the tour moves through the 2.35 acre site, the guides will point out the ways in which the land, the historical remnants and plants and animals tell a story of change and resilience and the hidden history that lies in our midst.

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