VIRTUAL: Short Film Showcase


Veral by Erin Lane Harper — Haze, “big-city” newspaperman, searches the High Plains for a “country-flavor” story for the Post. The urban/rural divide is palpable the moment he arrives. Is understanding possible between city slickers and this reclusive community? His search leads him to the Veral “Wax” Museum, presided over by solitary teen Alicia. The basement houses the town’s mummified dead, preserved through her forebears’ formula, dating from the Homestead Act. Alone in this stark tomb, Alicia seeks to transfigure the irrevocable law of life and death while Haze’s deadline hangs in the balance. KALBE FRINGES by Jinna Kim — Where is the familiar? How can something or someplace be familiar and unfamiliar simultaneously? New video poem shot by Korean American multidisciplinary artist Jinna Kim during Kuenstlerstadt Kalbe Sommercampus 2021. Soundtrack by previous music collaborators Matthew Kallend & Tamra Grace Jones. Jinna’s artistic practice is influenced by John Cage, chance, and fringe theatre. Monster Island Competition by Dave Haaz-Baroque, Nick Knave — Puppeteers Dave Haaz-Baroque and Nick Knave bring you an epic battle between two of cinema’s most iconic monsters! The Call of Water by Kaya Tone — Flung into the astral-plane, Nadia must face ancient forces in order to realize her responsibility to her homeland. The Atoms of Reality (Les atomes du réel) by Marco Joubert — The Atoms of Reality, an experimental video, is an attempt at creating a wordless poem. In a piece where images and sounds carry and acquire intrinsic poetic value, the brief immersion in a peculiar, dreamlike reality, becomes an invitation to reconstruct and translate back the information and impressions gathered or received during this strange cinematic journey.

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