VIRTUAL: International Film Showcase B


KINO Out of Body by Patrycja Loranc — Is film one of our gateways? A journey out-of-body, deeper into the worlds made of image and sound, absorption in which results in an experience unique to each spectator. Explorations of what altered perception and consciousness can mean, how they relate to our identity and spirituality. A search for identity results in an idea that our experiences are what constitutes who we are. Drawing from personal experience, curiosity towards the nature of existence and the unknown is unraveled through experimentation with animation, movement, rhythm, and the deleuzian state of enchantment, encouraging the viewer to be fully present in the momentum of the film. Death and the Kid by Kristen Swinkels — A small town grim reaper has his afterlife turned upside down when he meets a young girl who can bring the dead back to life. Roniyachaav by Mohsen Mohammadi — A young not-married couple went out on a date and both of them got carried away with a neon sign and a challenge grew heated. The Wind and the Whimpering by Laurence McManus — Confined between man and animal, Toad struggles to understand the justification for his existence. Saturated with the monotony of honest marshland work, his dormant hungers are awoken, and he desperately tries to hold together the fraying edges of his identity.

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