VIRTUAL: International Film Showcase A


Asynchron by Robin Schüllenbach, Jens Kipper — One job, one decision, two points of view. Schuld by Jens Kipper — A special story of a special woman in a special place. Coo-Coo by Svetlana Belorussova — Dasha, a young biologist, prepares to defend her Ph.D. on the Baikal seal. Her Ph.D. advisor is skeptical about Dasha’s love for animals, and her mother only cares about the girl not missing night prayers. A story about a conflict between science and religion, love and suffering, between what Dasha wants and what others push her to do. Wut by Jens Kipper, Ilva Melchior — A opinion...a disaster. C-section by Mehrshad Kheradmandi — Jalal is the crane driver. He rents the crane to the prison for one day for his wife’s C-section operation expenses. He must make a choice on whether to be involved in an execution.

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