VIRTUAL: Dance Film Showcase


Sideror by Nicolas Dozol — A manager launches an experimental choreography that brings together various individuals suffering from mental illness. The dance quickly becomes a therapy that allows them to express themselves and to introspect on their repressed fantasies and fears. Lilium by Isabel Bowser and Anna Slate — In Lilium, Anna Slate and Isa Bowser integrate song and movement using the mystical music of Hildegard Von Bingen. They create a world outside of space and time in which the distinctions between beauty and distortion, understanding and mystery are blurred. HEARKEN by Joel Alalantela — HEARKEN is a dance film which explores the relationship between two worlds. They listen, they react. HEARKEN is about time and timelessness. She Moved the Prairie by Cheyla Clawson, Bret Jones — She Moved the Prairie is a dance film based on the work women did both in the home and on the land in the early 20th century on farms and ranches.

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