VIRTUAL: Bald is Beautiful: Gardening for Winter Interest


Wintertime is upon us and all that it entails. Shorter days, bad television, bad weather and bad food. There is a cure for all these ailments and its right outside your door. The landscape in the winter can be a beautiful site and with a little planning and creativity, you can spruce up your outdoor rooms with a few choice plants. This talk will discuss how to appreciate the garden in winter and how to take advantage of all seasons as we plan and take care our green spaces.

ZOOM Class. Feb. 15, 3:00-4:30pm

Workshop taught by Greg Paige, Director of Horticulture & Curator for the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratory Arboretum

Greg Paige discovered his career goal early-creating and working in beautiful public gardens and sharing and teaching this passion with others. Prior to joining the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratory as Director of Horticulture and Arboretum Curator in 2005, his 30-year career in public horticulture involved work at some of the finest gardens in the country. Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden in Belmont, North Carolina, the Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College, the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, the Holden Arboretum outside Cleveland, Ohio and the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.

Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories and Arboretum

Through the rolling 350 acres of property in Charlotte, North Carolina you will discover an incredible and diverse collection of plants, gardens and research grounds that is the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratory and Arboretum. With over 20,000 accessioned plants a few of the Arboretum highlights include one of the best collection of oak and conifer on the east coast, the biggest collection of magnolia in the country as well as extensive collection of holly, elm, crape myrtle, crabapple, maple, rhododendron and numerous display gardens. In addition to the collections and research areas several ponds, natural areas and woodland nestled throughout the Arboretum provide a home to a variety of wildlife. 

The Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories and Arboretum is actively developed, curated and managed to support learning, discovery, research, and training and to serve as a resource and support arm to the employees and customers of The Bartlett Tree Expert Company. The Arboretum seeks to contribute to and showcase a wide range of plant material as well as set an example of a sustainable, enjoyable and thought provoking living museum. In addition, working alongside and partnering with the public horticulture community and green industry is a crucial component to the mission of the Arboretum.

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