The Call of the Wild

To mark the change of seasons and welcome the summer months, American Folk Art & Framing will be celebrating the animal kingdom with “The Call of the Wild”. During this time of year, life is abundant & palpable everywhere and many of us find ourselves exploring our relationship with the natural world. “The natural world provides a wealth of inspiration to American Folk’s artists,” says gallery owner Julia L. Mills. “So many of them live on really beautiful pieces of land and often explore their natural habitats in the art they create.” Surrounded by 12 gorgeous acres, much of woodblock printer Kent Ambler’s work depicts the wildlife and woodlands around his home. Each woodcut brings to life a memory or a moment drawn from the richness of his environment. Potter Shawn Ireland creates rustic yet refined functional wares from a variety of natural materials. Wild clay and mineral additions add a deep sense of place to his clay and glazes, while wood firing allows for unpredictability in the glaze and results in an aged look. He is well-known for his animalware: vases, candlesticks, and bowls often in the shape of animals or with animal features that were inspired both by his beloved pottery mentor Douglass Rankin and historical pottery of the Etruscan culture. Perennial favorite Liz Sullivan uses bright colors and delightful imagery to give us snapshots of the natural world. Her work often feels very intimate, like you’re viewing a private moment meant only for a bee and its flower, or the conversing birds on a branch. Doug Frati’s visually arresting wood carvings exude reverence for the wildlife surrounding his Maine home; each precise cut he makes, an homage, each artwork the creation of a quiet observer, respecting the natural order of things. A curated collection of painting, pottery, wood carvings, & woodblock prints, many of American Folk’s beloved artists will be taking part in this exciting show, including Kent Ambler, Liz Sullivan, Jack Klippel, Tres Taylor, Shawn Ireland, Doug Frati and Cornbread. Whether you can visit the gallery in person or only visit online, please join us as we delight in all things wild at American Folk Art! The show will debut on the gallery website WWW.AMERIFOLK.COM at 11 AM Wednesday May 31st and for one hour, every piece included will be available for previewing before sales begin sharply at 12 PM via telephone. The Call of the Wild will be displayed in the gallery from Friday June 2nd – Wednesday June 21st.

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