Summer Gardening Series


This year we are expanding our Gardening Series to cover all seasons! Get year-round garden guidance to support you in having your best year in the garden yet. You can purchase classes for the full year per season or as individual sessions.

Summer Classes | April – June 
Join our summer classes to learn how to get your garden blooming and producing healthily throughout the season. We will have classes on prepping your garden soil and raised beds for a productive season making and using compost and managing pests and beneficial insects holistically.

Bed & Garden Prep + Raised Beds - April 12th

Graduate of North Carolina State University Derek Haynes’s passion for Botany is readily seen by anyone who meets him. “The Crazy Botanist” as he is known found an allure for plants at a young age. Derek gives back to his community by volunteering with local community gardens and creating and maintaining relationships especially within the community of Black plant enthusiasts.

Composting - May 10th

In this workshop Patryk will walk you through a brief survey of the requirements benefits and downsides of various composting methods then focus on thermophilic and worm composting systems. You will have an opportunity to construct a thermophilic pile and set up a worm box as well as ascertain the quality of the finished compost product.

Integrated Pest Management - June 14th

Lisa will teach you some of the strategies to manage and prevent garden damage from pests using ecosystem-based knowledge and approaches. These techniques are helpful for reducing pesticide use and cutting costs in the long run.

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