Spring in Abstract: Creative Techniques to Capture Nature's Flowering Landscape 2021


Spring in the mountains is lovely and Abstract techniques move images from ordinary to extraordinary! Join us to explore a range of techniques that will raise your creativity to the next level! Learn to create images that range from painterly to surreal, images that capture the imagination. 

In this workshop, we’ll explore the natural areas surrounding the Asheville, NC area. As we do, we'll play with Spring's delicate greens and soft colors; the light at all times of the day, in all directions (front, back, side, etc.); and in whatever weather conditions are present to capture the many faces of the season.

This workshop is guaranteed to move your creativity to a new level. And you'll find that it's a joy to spend a day or days "playing in the light" using abstract techniques, as you wish.

NOTICE: Due to COVID-19 concerns, if you have not been vaccinated, we ask that you attend another workshop later in the year or in 2022. If you have received the vaccine, Covid safety precautions will be employed while we're together. Please click here for details. Thanks! 

Price Varies (some discounts available) beginning at $489

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