Soul Journey Breathwork Circle - Blossom

Join us Wednesday, May 29, 2024 from 6 - 9pm in Asheville, NC for a transformative Soul Journey Breathwork Circle with the theme of "REWILDING" This afternoon is an invitation to dive deep into a journey of self-discovery, reflection, and clarity as you reclaim the truth that at your root, you are a wild creature and are one with nature.What to Expect: We'll begin by gathering in Circle to create a nurturing environment to cultivate genuine connection through open-heart shares around the theme of “Rewilding”. Together, we will explore breathing exercises, guided meditations, and a somatic breathwork journey to foster greater well-being and self-care, while we acknowledge through inner-reflection what we may have pruned away from our own wild-one in an attempt to “fit in” or live a life that we “thought we should”.Open to 18+ beginners and seasoned breathers alike.

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