Sharon Core + Dawn Roe at Tracey Morgan Gallery


Tracey Morgan Gallery is pleased to present two exhibitions, both opening Friday, August 3rd. SHARON CORE creates extensively researched explorations of the living still life. In both series exhibited, 1606-1907 and Understory, we see the play between the illusion of a painting and the truth of a photograph set amidst the natural cycles of decay and renewal. This will be Core’s first show with the gallery.DAWN ROE, a local artist, will be showing recent work from her series, Conditions for an Unfinished Work of Mourning. Roe produced works using digital photography and video as well as cyanotype. This work was made along a network of trails crossing through the Pyrenees Mountains, and it closely examines the sites surrounding the specific footpath taken by philosopher and cultural theorist Walter Benjamin during his ill-fated attempt to flee Nazi persecution in 1940, as well as related paths of exile traversed by over half a million refugees during The Spanish Civil War and World War II. The exhibition runs through September 22nd, 2018.